Situated on the east Shore of Peninsular Malaysia, Redang is at the marine protected area Called the Terengganu Marine Park. While smaller islands surround the area, Redang is a leading option for tourists and locals alike as a result of varied choice of facilities and activities which may be located here. It is a delicate cross between a colourful character book and a commercial vacation hub.


Here are only a couple of many things to do in Redang Island and everyone should think about falling by at least once.

Research the island through hiking

This is only one of those very few islands in Malaysia in which the chances for hiking may fit or for many individuals, even conquer the water activities available. That is because Redang supplies a massive ecosystem of wildlife across its many places. The route from Jalan Pasir Panjang village can direct you directly to wildlife and rare plants also there is another path from Pasir Panjang into Teluk Dalam for people searching for a bit more challenge.

Like most other islands around Malaysia, scuba diving is a frequent activity among people to Redang. There’s a flourishing community of heavy diving fans that enjoy a huge array of diver exploration experiences, events, and amenities which are established from the vacation hotspot. A single dip may cost approximately RM90 while additional clothes is generally charged based on diving demands.

Proceed a holiday excursion

Perhaps you discover the notion of a super deep dip into the gloomy unknown a bit intimidating. If this is so, look at snorkelling! It is a bit more about the surface and ideal for people simply wanting to explore coral reefs and marine life amidst apparent waters. Regular prices for snorkelling could be approximately RM90 and contain essential safety equipment or extra equipment necessary for the activity.

The Marine Park Centre sits Pulau Pinang — one of many tiny islands which make up Redang — as a centre under the Malaysian sea growth program and functions as a research center. Obviously, that the Marine Park can be open to people and provides snorkelling activities which allow you to observe life submerged.

Malaysia is a long-time competition in regards to getting a number of those best-loved culinary joys on earth. It is probably no surprise then that the food you can find in among the nation’s most well-known islands can be severely off the hook. Redang contains rows of stores scattered throughout the vacation hotspot and you’ll be able to discover authentic Malay food options and tasty regional cuisine. The Redang Laguna Food Court provides diversity in the foods they prepare together with affordability for people on a small budget. The very popular dish on Redang Island is that the curry fish head, which may feed up to 2 individuals in one serving and may be costly as small as RM10.

Redang has, for a while now, been famous for the extensive luxury beach resort scene. Hereyou can discover relaxing spa packages for guests and if you are on your honeymoon or simply seeking a fantastic old massage, then you may pick from the many excellent treatment channels out there. The two most Well-known spas among tourists would be the Taaras Beach and Spa Resort in Addition to the Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa.

Grab the sunrise and sunset

What is among the most romantic scenes you may consider? Here, you receive a sky that’s nearly always clear and also a sunlight that could set just the correct mood for you if it is setting or rising. Be greeted with a stunning cool breeze along with the tunes of birds in the morning or see the day’s warm embrace gradually peel off under the skyline.